With an ambition to create a novel experience with denim, ARTMEETSCHAOS was founded in NY/NJ by designer & founder Donwan Harrell and his wife Jahayra Harrell. Combining his experience of living in Asia, years of denim research and affection for art to create a brand that incorporates an eclectic mix and novel character within each jeans.

Functionality and attention to detail are at the core and drawing motivation; from New York City life he brings in a unique cultural spirit and sensibility of the city; whilst touching on historical vintage heritage, and classic streetwear aesthetic culture within every collection. The garments are crafted in a small farming town in Colombia using traditional handcrafted denim techniques.

Redefining mens jeans and the conventions of luxury denim fashion through his expert use of the dry and wet process of professional denim laundering to create a recognizable visual masterpiece. ARTMEETSCHAOS reinvigorates a staple with a balance between style and function that shines brighter then ever.


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