KRAKATAU is a movement rooted in humanity, inspired by subculture and technical innovation. Our brand is named after the volcano KRAKATAU, which symbolizes the unpredictable volatility of natures elements.

The KRAKATAU slogan "antagonist survival kit" embodies the idea of ultimate protection from the elements, starting with cold, rain, and wind, and even further to protect the environment and your personal data. KRAKATAU clothing is made from a wide range of innovative materials such as graphene-based fibers and fabrics laminated with a technical membrane to achieve mountaineering levels of performance. The design is completed with utilitarian features such as magnetic closures, smart pockets, and an inner strapping system.

Since 2012 our head office has been based in Amsterdam. Our design team is based in Shanghai due to the technical complexity of our products and the ongoing exploration and optimization of functionality and to be as close to the production as possible. Today KRAKATAU is represented in more than 500 premium high street retail stores in 18 countries around the world.


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