The Kaia

Throughout the past 20years, we have built up an infinite passion for leather. To us, it is the most outspoken material.

When working with leather one cannot get around the centerpiece of all of our outfits - belts. Although being the centerpiece, many belts are average. They miss character. They are either tucked away underneath blouses and sweaters or too unremarkable. As if they do not exist.

To us, this does not make any sense. That is why we birthed Haia. 

For most people belts are a mere necessity. For those who choose Haia it is an opportunity to say: “This is me.” 

Inanoisyindusty,ourdesignsshoutfor us. 

With fine Italian leather, carefully curated studs and tons of tying techniques, we provide you an opportunity to subtly step in the timelight. 

Dare to express your adventurous side by wrapping boldness around your waistline. 


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