Vision Street Wear

With the explosion of streetwear at all levels, from skate through to designer, luxury houses also jumping on to the movement, it’s time to bring back the original. Vision Steet Wear started in 1976 in California and was the pioneer in shaping the skate industry as we know it today. They were the first to sponsor ‘professional’ skaters like Gator and Mark ‘Gonz’ Gonzales, fuse music and skate (Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Cure), while also taking the industry by storm with their functional skate-adapted designs in footwear.

Vision Street Wear were the first to introduce meaningful detailing which actually contributed to the life and performance of the shoe and therefore skater - whether it be the patented ‘Ollie Pad’ on the skate hi’s, or the double tongue on the DV8 which allowed the skater to protect the laces during those inevitable ramp falls and knee slides, Vision had thought it all through. As Gonz said, ‘They work for me!’

With the utilitarian designs drawing inspo from ageless classics, Vision footwear is as timeless now as it is today. Complementing the footwear, the apparel collection introduces reproduced ‘archive’ graphics and prints with great care - bringing back the high octane, punk designs of the 80s and the associated Cali-skate nostalgia.


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